Terms and Conditions

  • What is
    It is a one stop HTML 5 games portal that is dedicated to the user of Zong in Pakistan.
  • How do I play all games?
    You need to be subscribed to the portal first before you are able to access the portal.
  • In order to subscribe, you may go to the portal and click on the subscribe button.
    Besides, the portal can only be accessed by mobile data.
  • What are the phones compatible for this portal?
    It can be play on any mobile device with minimum OS such as iOS devices version 3.0+ or Android devices version 2.0+
  • How many games I can play?
    You may play as many games as there is available in the portal.
  • Is the data usage charges?
    Yes, data will be charged based on usage.
  • For how much time I will be authorized to play the games?
    Access to the portal depends on the subscription type. If you have subscribed for a day, only one day access will be given. If subscription was for a week then the access will be given for a week.
  • Will the subscription be renewed?
    Yes, the service is auto recursive and will be renewed on the last day of subscription only if required balance is available with the subscriber