Terms and Conditions

  1. All the html 5 gaming Content from the mobile interface ( are subject to these Term of Use.
  2. allows you to play games on your preferred device choice that is compatible for the videos to be played on such as Mobile or Tablet.
  3. Payment and Service Access; You can subscribe to the service through portal by clicking the subscribe button and will receive SMS notification which will be sent to registered number.
  4. Price and payment is expressly stated that cost of connection to the service supported by the user, which may or may not include the content download charges as price of content downloading is the discretion of mobile network operator
  5. Rules for use of the service principles governing the use of service which exclusively reserved for a reasonable, non-commercial use.
  6. Responsibilities. You understand the characteristic and limitations of electronic communications networks, including the technical performance, response, querying, transferring data and risk to information security.
  7. To terminate the service, please click unsubscribe button in the portal or you may also use the unsubscription link sent via SMS